We Build Strong Communities
We Build Strong Communities
We Build Strong Communities
We Build Strong Communities
We Build Strong Communities
We Build Strong Communities
We Build Strong Communities

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Empowering Hawaii with creativity, collaboration, and community!

Our mission is to serve the community through unique programs, events, and projects
that bridge the gap where help is desperately needed.

Our goals are to build a sense of pride and self confidence,
increase community ownership, and empower others to get involved.


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Educational Partnerships


Individuals Education about Domestic Violence


Pounds of Illegal Dumping Removed


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The Young Women Prom Event

The vision of the Young Women's Prom Event is to increase self respect and self worth among teenage girls through the words of confident women, modest dress, and empowering actions.  It’s a free event for the community that helps to prepare young women for their special night, and prepares families to start an open dialogue about self-esteem and self-confidence.  We invite inspiring speakers to share their story, choose 12 girls from the community to do a fashion show in partnership with a local designer, and end the night with a free prom dress for all young women in attendance.

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Educational Initiatives

The vision of the of the Westside Ukulele Bash is to rejuvenate the love for Ukulele in our youth, create a space for students to express themselves and develop their talents, and to build self-esteem and confidence in our youth by giving them a skill to share and a positive outlet.  We invite after school programs, charter schools, public and private schools, and youth organizations to participate in this free event that includes masterclass workshops, master builder workshops, a live student performance, and a live professional performance to inspire the youth to attain higher levels of musicianship.  

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Projects - Community Clean Ups

The vision of our community clean ups is to create a sense of ownership, community pride, respect for the land, and unity between community members. We involve community members, partner with agencies, and invite businesses to assist in removing illegal dumping, haul abandoned cars, and implement illegal dumping deterrents such as prohibition signs.  We choose areas that are self-identified by the community and clean multiple areas on one day so that more community members can get involved and the effort to organize the project has maximum impact.  A clean community can greatly affect the health and well-being of our community members and we empower community members to be a part of the solution

Health is Wealth Project: Nanakuli High School
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There are many other exciting programs, projects, and events that we organize to help the community - Emergency Preparedness Fairs, Together For Our Keiki, Defend the Family, and the Attendance Review Council.  Over the last five years we have also done Back to School Bashes, Entrepreneur Conferences, and the Health is Wealth Project.  Periodically we engage in one time projects such as the Keiki Puu o Hulu Park Rehabilitation Project and we look forward to doing much more!

Family ukulele lessons
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