Defend The Family
Emergency Preparedness Fair

The vision of Defend the Family is to proactively alert community members against sex trafficking, child on child abuse, and the interconnection to domestic violence; educate the community about the current laws, hotlines, and procedures; and empower the community with resources and training. The conference first started in 2015 and has been an annual training event that has now expanded to every county in the State of Hawaii. This year we are honored to have Tina Frundt from Courtney's House as our keynote presenter.

Professional Development Workshop Topics

Welcoming Remarks - County representatives from each island
Human Trafficking: From a Survivor’s Lens, Tina Frundt
Advocacy for Victims and Survivors & the Importance of Language, Tina Frundt
Power and Control in Human Trafficking, Tina Frundt                    
Outreach to Male Victims, LGBTQII and other Vulnerable Populations, Tina FrundtQ&A Strategy Session, Moderator

Community Sessions

Welcoming Remarks - Non-Profit leaders
Human Trafficking: From a survivor Lens, Local Survivor
Exploitation, abuse, and trafficking, Tina Frundt
Q&A Strategy Session, Moderator